Avain flu: bird culling in full swing at Alappuzha

Alappuzha: Active culling operations are progressing in three of the four locations where avian flu has been confirmed in the district. Dead birds are being incinerated to prevent viral outbreaks and affected birds are also being culled and burned.

At Nilamperur, 3092 dead birds were incinerated. As many as 421 dead birds and 2386 affected birds have been eliminated at Muttar. 46 dead and 1365 affected birds have been incinerated at Thakazhy.

Rapid action force will be out for culling and incineration on Diwali and the following Sunday. Avian deaths have been reported from several locations around the state.

Though reports say birds have fallen victim to avian flu at other places, the Animal Husbandry Department has not confirmed it.

Also, it has dispelled the claims that birds are also dying due to the Pasteurella bacterial infection. The samples have been sent to the lab at Bhopal and the results are awaited. Several samples are known to have been sent to the lab and the priority is to test and identify avian flu, the department personnel has said.

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