Your 9-step Diwali cheat meal strategy

Here is a note for weight watchers! Cheat meals are extremely important. They allow you to satiate your cravings and give you the right motivation to stay on your healthy eating plan. Here is your Diwali cheat sheet – the sensible way!

1. Snack on a healthy food before going out. It could be a bowl of fruits or some roasted makhanas or khakra. Alpa Momaya, Senior Nutritionists at HealthifyMe recommends, “Eating any protein and vegetables like bowl of salad/ soup/raita/papaya/sprouts to stabilize your blood sugar, before a party or family get together is a good hack.”

2. Drink but use this trick: Prepare your drinks with water or diet colas. Avoid juices and soft drinks. Also, for every unit of alcohol that you drink, have a glass of water. Keep yourself hydrated while drinking alcohol. It will save you from alcohol overload and also prevent that nasty hangover the next day.

3. Pick a small plate and promise yourself to NEVER refill your plate. Having water or lemon water simultaneously will curb unwanted cravings.

4. Alpa suggests making your own mithai instead of buying it. “Avoid artificial sweeteners and opt for natural ones like dates, jaggery and figs. Make use of skimmed milk and honey while making desserts. Minimise the size of the sweets and add extra dried fruits and nuts or keep fresh fruits along with the indulgent snacks, so that the healthier option is also available,” she adds.

5. Instead of opting for calorie-laden cheese dip, go for yoghurt or tomato-based dips. And have low-fat crackers or vegetable sticks instead on fried snacks.

6. Do not over indulge in sweets. A fruit platter, fruit yoghurt or low fat ice cream should be enough to curb your sweet craving.

7. It is okay to enjoy small treats that you know are calorie dense so as to not feel deprived of Diwali fun.

8. Instead of buttered, fried, crispy, gravy, creamy foods, opt for stir-fried, steamed, poached, garden fresh varieties.

9. Last but not the least, keep sipping on water throughout the day. That will prevent you from unnecessary bingeing.

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