Jawaharlal Nehru 127th birthday: Nation remembers ‘Chacha Nehru’

The country is celebrating Children’s Day today on the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Different countries around the world celebrate one day in a year dedicated to the little ones, the young minds. It is a fun-filled day. Children in schools dress up like Chacha Nehru. There are special programmes in schools, children receive gifts, treats. As it is said that children are the future of any country, so here are some beautiful quotes from imminent personalities to inspire children, today and always.
Children’s Day is not just celebrated in India but across the world in most countries but on varied dates. In India, we commemorate Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday as Children’s Day every year on November 14. Fondly remembered as Chacha Nehru, it’s a special way to remember our first prime minister. There is also Universal Children’s Day, that is celebrated on November 20, which not only celebrates children and their childhood but also brings awareness about crimes and atrocities against children. In many parts of the world, June 1 is also celebrated as Children’s Day. But no matter which day a country decides to celebrate the little ones and the secure the precious time that is childhood, the aim is one – to make their life worthwhile. And to do so, we must make the world a better place for them to live in.
A lot depends on how a child is raised and what he or she is taught at a young age when the minds and soul are young and innocent. It is said, what you learn as a child, you carry to your grave. So, shouldn’t we as elders and parents make it beautiful? And what better way to ensure a rewarding experience than inspiring them. Teaching them the right and the wrong, imparting the values in these foundation years that in the long haul would make benefit them and the world.

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