IMTMA’s National Productivity Summit’s 10th Edition Underway at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre

The 10th Edition of Indian Machine Tool Manufacturer’s Association’s National Productivity Summit got underway today. The summit was inaugurated by Mr. B. Muthuraman, former Vice Chairman, Tata Steel and Mr. L. Ganesh, Chairman – Rane Group. Also present were Mr. Parakramsinh G. Jadeja, President – IMTMA, Mr. V. Anbu, Director General and CEO of IMTMA.

The summit will be held for 3 days from 24 November to 26 November 2016. It will enable the delegates to know more about new manufacturing technologies and best practices on the shop floor through enriching keynotes, live case study presentations, plant visits, sharing of success stories and focused technical sessions.

Deliberating on productivity, Mr. L. Ganesh, Chairman of Rane Group said “Productivity is achieved over a long period of time and it is marathon and Indian companies in manufacturing sector need to constantly work on skill enhancement of their employees and push for labour laws that will enable reskilling of workers for future jobs.”

Mr. B. Muthuraman, former Vice Chairman of Tata Steel, in his address said, “There is an imminent need to improve talent in manufacturing industry by creating a culture of continuous improvement so that manufacturing can embrace technology. As the world economy is rebalancing India has tremendous opportunity to leapfrog in manufacturing vertical by improving regulatory environment that will enable the ease of conducting business and help in reskilling of workers for an inclusive growth that will allow India as a nation to achieve 25 per cent of GDP via manufacturing by 2025.”

Mr. Parakramsinh G. Jadeja President – IMTMA said, “The manufacturing industry is growing rapidly in India and is at the cusp of embracing Industry 4.0 that offers huge growth prospects for the industry. Summits like these are the key enablers to address learning and best practices requirements of manufacturing industry and raising its competitiveness. This is an apt platform to meet the evolving knowledge and skill requirements of overall manufacturing industry in India.”

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