Karulayi encounter: Maoist bodies sprayed with bullets.

The autopsy report of the two Maoists who were killed in an “encounter” with the police at Edakara in the Nilambur forest in the district reveals 26 bullet injuries in their bodies. The Kozhikode Forensic team has found these bullet marks on the body of Kuppu Devarajan and Ajitha alias Kaveri.

Kuppuswamy received bullet wounds from behind and according to reports both of them died due to severe injuries inflicted on their vital organs. Ajitha’s spinal cord was damaged and her vital organs severely injured.Ajitha’s body also received 19 bullet injuries while Kuppuswamy’s body bore 7 bullet shot injuries.

Five bullets were recovered from Ajitha’s body and 13 bullets had pierced her body and left. One budget is still lodged inside her body and could not be recovered.This was revealed in the CT scan and also in the X-ray.Four bullets were recovered from Kuppuswamy’s body and 4 had pierced his body and exited.

The bullets were from AK47 and SLR model weapons and all the bullets were sprayed in a matter of minutes.They were shot at close range, from a distance of 20 to 60 metres.

The autopsy which began in the morning and lasted till evening was led by Forensic head Dr Prasanan.Dr Vijayakumar, Sr S Krishnakumar, Dr P T Ratheesh, T M Praith, Dr R Sonu led the team who conducted the post mortem.Kuppuswamy’s aged mother was waiting outside the mortuary till the time the autopsy was completed without having any food or water. They were let inside the mortuary only late evening to see the body.

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