Bacteria is good for you

 |   The word ‘bacteria’ has always had a negative implication, therefore the idea of consuming a few billion bacteria a day for the benefit of one’s health might seem – literally and symbolically – hard to believe.

Humans harbor more than 100 trillion organisms in their bodies, which is almost 10 times the number of human cells. A majority of these organisms are found in the intestine and are known as ‘intestinal microbiota’. This microbiota aids the body in digestion, absorption of nutrients and also produces vitamins, the gut microbes that too have unique ways to enhance immunity.

Since more than 70 per cent of immune cells are found in the intestine, the abdominal microbes can interact with the immune cells to influence the development and maturation of the immune system, therefore being referred to as the largest immune organ. “All the microbes are in harmony with each other and keep the body well, but with our reckless lifestyle we cause negative impact on these microbes.

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