Bairavaa- success in Kerala?

The advance booking of Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s ‘Bairavaa’ is phenomenal with most multiplexes recording full houses on the first day. Meanwhile, in Kerala where Vijay is very popular the film was planned to release in 200 theaters, but the problem between Film Exhibitors Federation and Producers and Distributors put a question mark on this.
The Exhibitors held a meeting today (10.1.2017) and they have decided to shutdown all theaters affiliated to them from the 12th of January when ‘Bairavaa’ releases. This means that the film will only get government owned theaters and the halls that are not affiliated to the federation. Sources say that the theater count will be around 70 as opposed to the proposed 200. Well anyway the Kerala fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the even though limited the release is confirmed.

By Arvind Sundaram | Jan 09, 2017 Vijay’s Bairavaa to release in less number of screens in Kerala.While Superstar Rajnikanth’s Kabali and Vijay’s Theri released in 306 and 200 theaters respectively in Kerala, sources say that Bairavaa has been scheduled to release only in 70 or less number of screens. The ongoing strike in Malayalam film industry has hit the Vijay movie as normally it would have got more number of theaters (a minimum of 180) there.

The distributors have decided not to screen Bairavaa in the theaters that come under the Exhibitors Federation. The movie will be released in multiplexes, Government and B-class theaters. According to sources, if any theater owner from the Federation wishes to screen Bairavaa, he would have to sign an agreement that says that he agrees with the existing revenue division.

Not releasing Bairavaa in A-class theaters would be a big blow for Exhibitors Federation as Vijay movies normally have great opening collections there.

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