The Modern Auto World – Jaguar &Land Rover

This is Jaguar, the exclusive sports and luxury brand that gives other cars a run for their money. The legendary British brand still has a few tricks under its sleeve and sales are better than ever. Read on to unearth the rich British Racing company and it’s ridiculous upstart no one told you  about.

4 December 1922 saw the birth of a company that was unimaginably successful. The brand was given life by two business partners by the name of Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley who brilliantly executed the idea of making their first Motor car with the  knowledge they had previously reaped from their former venture, the Swallow Sidecar Company that used to forge and produce sidecars for motorcycle

Started out under the name of S.S.Jaguar, the company’s nomenclature system was based on the two model series SS90 and SS100. They commenced the first styles using 2.5 litre engines and eventually, the company began to stroll into the era of the dawn of the World War II.

On the consummation of the World War, Jaguar started working on high performance engines for their e-type and XK140/150 for introduction by the 1940s. These vehicles could be referred to as the cornerstone for the company’s overall success.

1989 saw a significant event which was of course the purchase of the entire company by the American brand Ford Motor Company. This era, however, was not a very reputable stretch for Jaguar. By the year 2007, Ford had been processing the sale of Jaguar together with Land Rover to Tata Motors at the best possible price of 1.7 billion GBP(Great British Pound)

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